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We create a way for travelers to connect and share their home, as a free alternative to paid hospitality.

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Save up to 33% of your vacation costs

Authentic experience

Tour like a local, absorb the neighborhood’s vibe

Social distancing

No more crowded hotels, control your environment


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How it works

List your property

create your personal space, showcase your property specs & amenities, add photos and description for other swappers to check out. We will make sure your personal details are well kept according to GDPR guidelines.

Place your match preference

choose where and when you wish to travel, specify your desired property and get a pool of relevant swappers to choose from.

Swipe & swap!

Action time! Navigate the results, swipe right if you like the property and get matched with new friends. Chat & negotiate the terms of the swap and you’re all set for your next journey! It’s that easy.

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