Limited offer - Free premium

Last updated on 30th August 2021


  1. These terms and conditions are for an offer and should be read in conjunction with the platform’s terms of use. In the event of any conflict between these terms and conditions, these terms and conditions shall prevail.

  2. The offer is valid for a limited time and a limited amount only. swaplet (the platform) reserves the right to cancel it at any time or change the offered amount without a prior notice‪.

  3. Offer’s start date is 1/1/2021 and the initial amount is up to 3,000 accounts.

  4. The premium account offered is currently under development - swaplet is not obliged to a specific deadline or implementation.

  5. The benefits of a free premium will take effect after the implementation is done and will include a free plan of premium only features offered via the platform (plan-based subscription business model) forever – swaplet is not obliged to a specific set of premium features or a plan.

  6. If swaplet changes its business model (from plan-based subscription), the users will be notified of an alternative offer based on the new model.

  7. The free premium will be automatically applied to the user’s account if he registered his home/property on the platform during the time that the offer is still valid and the offer didn’t reach the limited amount of accounts.

  8. If the user (and/or his content) violates the terms of use of the platform, swaplet has the right to withdraw its offer to this user at any time.

  9. The user will receive an automatic email confirming that he is eligible for a free premium according to these terms.

  10. The user may receive a (private/public) badge on his profile in the platform confirming his eligibility of receiving a free premium account.

  11. The offer is non-transferable.