5 reasons you should try home swapping for your next vacation

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

“Let some stranger live in my house? No way!” if it sounds like you, you should read this article

It’s pretty safe - most of the veteran home swapping services, such as ‘HomeLink’, report that during the years of activity, there has never been a report of theft or vandalism. Think about it for a second, would you ever consider harming a property knowing that its owner is currently living in yours? The mutual connection that is formed between two parties that never met before is quite astonishing.

The different home swapping platforms implemented different user validation systems that ensure the authenticity of the property’s owner. While setting up your initial connection with a prospect, you will be able to chat and get to know your new partner - if your agendas are alike, your trust level in each other will thrive.

If you are living in a rental apartment, don’t worry too much, sub-leasing is only valid if you are getting paid - Having guests has never been a global issue. If you still fear for your valuables, you could lock them in an off-limit area of the house.

Social distancing - COVID-19 changed so many aspects of our lives. Our hygiene awareness has developed gradually in the last few months, and it’s likely to presume that we will pay attention to unnecessary risks in our next journey. As hotel rooms seem to be clean, they are certainly not sterilized, and with the high volume of tourists checking in - the risks grow.

Time magazine found that 81% of surfaces in average hotel rooms had bacteria on them. Especially on functional surfaces such as lighting switches and remote controls. Also, hanging around in the hotel’s dining halls and other attractions could inflict unnecessary encounters with many of the residents and staff.

Home swapping alternative reduces the chance of being infected drastically, assuming both parties make a thorough cleaning before the swap.

Authentic experience - if culture and authenticity are your things, home swapping might be a great way for you to experience the city in the eyes of the locals. Living in a local house, in one of the city’s neighborhoods will probably change your perception of the trip. Your swapping partner could recommend you about local coffee shops, museums and other attractions.

Domestic options - one of the good things about home swapping, is that you can start small. And by starting small I mean domestic swaps, and the time is now. Why? Obviously, because the sky is practically locked. But being quarantined for so long got our wanderlust running crazy. So, trying home swapping within your country might be a good near-future vacation option, you could try it out and see if it feels right for you.

Save budget & Travel more - according to Statista.com, 33% of the travel budget is dedicated to accommodation. If we think about it, while traveling we ‘lose’ money twice - once on expensive accommodation, and twice on our empty properties. By doing home swapping you could reduce your travel budget by 33%! Think about what you could do with these funds… go to fancy restaurants, buy nice gifts for your family, or otherwise extend your trip or save the funds for the next one.

You could say that home swapping is not completely free, and you might be right - as most of the home swapping platforms will charge you an annual fee or a recurring subscription. However, our new platform SWAPLET will allow you to swap homes for free with our freemium model. We support the idea of P2P economy and sustainability, and most of all, we love to travel. Our current mission is to establish a community of early adopters to try our new platform as soon as it launches - and we need you!


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